Looking for the Best Background Check Company in Nigeria?

Are you looking for invaluable insights into your employees’ true identity; what they have done in the past and what actual qualification(s), records and details they have? Background Checks reveal much more.

Credit Check

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike beguiled.

Address Verification

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike beguiled.

NYSC Certificate Verification

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike beguiled.

To make our clients become more successful by offering gap-specific Business Support Solutions.

With ICS Outsourcing, you can be confident that all your background checks and verification projects are treated with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Our Company History

Crystal Checks is Nigeria’s leading background check provider incorporated in August 1994. We offer a comprehensive range of services ranging from Education Checks to Employment Checks. We provide bespoke Business Support Solutions to all kinds and sizes of business.

Mission and Values

We are value-driven, We are committed to excellence, We are customer-centered, We have integrity, We have a great attitude and We improve continuously. We seek to make our Clients become more successful by offering gap-specific Business Support Solutions while creating measurable value for all our stakeholders

Get the Best Background Check Solution

Protect your organization and uncover hidden risks in people and business relationships. To get the information you need to reduce risk and improve confidence, leverage ICS Outsourcing background checks solutions. Our background checks services are available in all the six (6) geo-political zones of Nigeria.

  • Credit Check.
  • Address Verification.
  • NYSC Certificate Verification.
  • Tenant Check.
  • Guarantor Verification.
  • Educational/Credential Verification.
  • Vendors Background Check.

Background Checks uncover the truth behind every claim

Without a thorough background check on everyone you come in contact with, your business runs a very serious risk of damaging your integrity, your reputations and your profits.

Tenant Check

We exist to secure the trust of our customers. We do this by giving the most complete tenant screening, utilizing genuine industry knowledge to help ensure a landlord gets the most ideal tenant.

Guarantor Verification

Guarantor’s checks guarantees that there is somebody who can be considered responsible for a worker when the need emerges. Crystal Check gives the best individual guarantor’s verification in Nigeria.

Reference Check

Like homeowners who order an inspection before putting their home on the market, so is our reference check services that allow you to identify and correct deficiencies in a prospective candidate or employee.

Case Studies

Get a full risk picture detailing individual, organization, multinational companies and beneficial ownership, operating and litigation history, key management, and decision-makers.

Over 20 Years of Experience. We’ll Ensure You Always Get the Best Guidance.

Background checks and verification was born out of the need to restore integrity and moral sanity by checkmating business fraud and deceit in business and daily living. We help businesses mitigate against risk by creating a secure enabling environment that allows you and your company to thrive by helping you unveil the truth behind every claim.

Our Testimonials

For quality background checks, think crystal checks. We have been doing business with crystal checks for over 8 years now, the quality of service has never for once dropped instead, the continuous improvement on the quality of service delivered.

Egbuokporo GodfreyLos Angeles

Crystal Checks has been our sole back checks partner since 2010. This business needed to expand so we brought them on board. Crystal Checks has really exceeded our expectations and aided the achievement of our strategic goals in areas of credibility checks.

Kenny OmogbaiLos Angeles

Our Clients